Manure & Digestate Dryers

About Us

Since 2011, Colak GmbH has been intensively engaged in the field of environment & nature. With the main goal of solving the nationwide manure problem and the resulting challenges of storage and impact on groundwater and circulating air, Colak GmbH patented two dryers, sustainably generating energy from heat previously released into the atmosphere unprotected

With the goal of reducing the volume of biogenic waste and making it reusable, our special dryers completely sanitize and neutralize odor of moist and wet biological materials such as liquid manures, while reducing its tonnage and volume. Thus, additional to enabling the reuse of materials, transport and disposal are considerably simplified, hence reducing operating costs of the user. This whole process increases sustainability while minimizing input, as a result affecting the corporate social responsibility of our customers.

The two dryers CT 500 & CF 500 may also be combined to turn liquid materials into final products such as fertilizer or pellets. Our flexible designs and layouts enable us to combine our dryers with existing processes, allowing our dried biomass to be used in various ways such as being fed directly to a conveyor belt or being filled into so-called Big-Packs.

CF 500 Manure Dryer
CT 500 Digestate Dryer