CF 500 Manure Dryer


The Dryer

The CF 500 manure dryer can be used to dry various types of wet biomass with a dry matter content (DS) of 3% to a DS of 30%. Due to the high drying temperatures, biogenic waste is completely hygienised, odourless and reduced in volume and tonnage. The dryer can be designed as a mobile or stationary unit.

The Approach

The hot exhaust gas flow of the CHP unit with temperatures of over 300 degrees heats the liquid biomass quickly due to the special air flow and the maximized transfer surfaces. This enables efficient drying of the biomass.

The System

The SPS control guarantees an optional process-controlled drying. The patented Ferrifloc process prevents odour emissions and binds ammonia.

The Result​

The result of the drying process is a pumpable and odour-neutralised mass with a dry matter of approx. 30%, which is reduced in volume by up to approx. 10 times and can be used in a variety of ways and thus fed back into the economic cycle. By using the complete exhaust gas flow of the CHP, a particularly economical and efficient drying is possible.

Biogenic Waste​